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What Is Organizational Behavior?


Basically, Organizational behavior is a study of how people behave in organizations. It includes studies of communication, structure, leadership, technology, and cultural diversity. OB also involves the study of social and environmental forces that influence people in organizations. The goal of OB is to improve the performance of organizations and the attitudes of workers in the workplace. Organizational behavior can also help businesses streamline their processes and improve the effectiveness of the workforce.

Organizational behavior is a multidisciplinary field that aims to promote job innovation and job satisfaction in the workplace. It uses scientific techniques to study human behaviors in organizations. Organizational behavior is also an important part of corporate human resources. It involves studying the interpersonal and structural aspects of an organization to improve job performance and help management understand their employees better.

Organizational behavior studies have evolved into modern theories of business structure and decision making. It is based on research traditions from three disciplines, namely anthropology, sociology, and psychology. It began in the 1920s, but wasn’t recognized as a scientific field by the American Psychological Association until the 1970s. Today, it has become an important part of corporate human resources.

Organizational behavior consists of several variables, including job performance, job satisfaction, motivation, productivity, turnover intentions, and workplace deviance. These variables have implications for managers and employees, who should take necessary action to improve the work environment.

Organizational behavior is also influenced by developments in related disciplines. For example, resource dependence theory focuses on the relationship between external interdependence and internal organizational processes. Organizations have to respond to changing economic conditions and external factors. They also need to develop workers’ teamwork and commitment.

Organizational behavior can be used by managers to improve job performance, enhance leadership, and encourage innovation. OB also provides a defined work culture and accountability. It helps teams function with minimal conflict. It is also a powerful tool for management, enabling businesses to achieve higher sales and ROI.

The first management consultant, Frederick Taylor, promoted maximizing task efficiency through scientific methods. Organizational behavior began as a study of human behavior. Its research tradition has been shaped by the work of Chester Barnard, Henri Fayol, and Mary Parker Follett. These three authors contributed to the development of modern theories of business structure. OB has also evolved from a focus on group behavior to an emphasis on the cultural components of organizations.

One of the most important elements of organizational behavior is structure. Specifically, organizational structure is the organizational relationship between managers and employees. A well-designed structure ensures that team members understand their roles, have a clear understanding of their goals, and have the freedom to contribute to decisions. Organizational structure also helps business leaders develop stronger relationships and gain greater voice.

In addition to structure, organizational behavior also includes elements such as culture, politics, and climate. The climate of an organization is important for employees, since they interact with each other in ways that can vary. Organizational culture can be interpreted as a combination of values, beliefs, and assumptions. Organizational behavior studies have focused on the effects of race, class, and gender roles on group building. Culture also has an effect on employee attitudes.

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